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Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (H.O.V.E.) - this is actually deemed the "world's largest subdivision" with over 155 miles of privately paved roadways, and somewhere around 10,500 one acre parcels.  The total population of the subdivision is a few thousand.  The terrain varies from bare lava to beautiful upland woods.  Elevations range about 2000 ft. at Highway 11, all the way up to around 5000 ft above sea level. The top portion of the subdivision is a misty mountain moonscape that some think has a surreal quality. Many lots have excellent ocean views with the ocean is about 5 to 10 miles away (as the crow flies) depending on where you are within the subdivision.  Some lots have views of South Point (the most southern point in the U.S.).

This is Lava zone 2. There have been lava flows in historical times.

Ocean View is known for its rainbows which can often be seen in the late afternoon hours as moisture develops above the Mauna Loa slopes and is illuminated by the Sun reaching closer to the sea. This is a double rainbow.  Full arcs and even triple rainbows are common.

This is also a water catchment area - no municipal water available at this time.    This area has experienced a very long (10+ year) drought, but is currently in a rare and unusual rainy season.  We hope that this trend will continue.  The subdivision is located mauka (mountain side) of the highway between mile markers 76 and 79 in the town of Ocean View, district of Kau. 

Not all of the parcels have electricity available to them.  This especially true at higher elevations where the nearest electrical pole can be miles away.  Some residents use solar electrical systems.  The area is generally breezy and wind power is also an option in most places.

There are minimal CC&R's (conditions, covenants, and restrictions) for the subdivision.  There is a annual mandatory road maintenance fee which is around $100.00 per year per lot.

Below is a collection of photos that should impart a sense of the variety of H.O.V.E landscapes.

Scrubby open terrain at some lower and mid elevations.


Looking up from Highway 11 to the mostly lava western portion of H.O.V.E.. Don't let the highway view fool you.  There is a wide variety of landscapes in the subdivision.

Stands of mature Ohia are found in some parts of Ocean View that have not been visited by lava for a long period of time. Some trees are hundreds of years old. Please don't buy a piece of property like this one and then proceed to have it bulldozed flat!  There is plenty of bare lava out there if that is what you want.  Removing the trees affects the microclimates of the island.  Areas with no trees receive less rain as warm air rising from the bare lava pushes away moisture.  There are some excellent bulldozer "artists" in the area than clear a house pad for you and maximally preserve the native forest.

more H.O.V.E images

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